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Episode 5: Environment Art

Fresh off the presses. This episode we talk about environment art! I'm joined with my good friend Mike Harnisch, Environment Artist at BioWare, and Adam Bromell, Artist at Relic and Head Administrator at Polycount. We cover quite a bit this episode, including: school advice, illustrative talent, what makes a successful scene, and lots more. So sit down, grab a snack and give it a listen.

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  1. Hey, epic podcast.
    And yeah, for any polycounters who read the comments – I’m Taylor (Lom Chaos)

  2. Loving these podcasts 😀
    Heard about them through polycount [yay lurking ftw!]
    Ever thought about having a livestream with a chatroom for the listeners to discuss and ask questions?

  3. Great podcast. As a student at SCAD this information is of great use to me. Hearing insider comments and opinions really is a valuable asset while I’m going through school.

  4. Just been listening to these podcasts. Nice to get some advice from you pros :)

  5. These episodes are pure gold. thank you very much for making them.

    I am freelancing for many years and now I am looking to go to a Master program in UK and specialize as an Env Artist.

    All this professional information helps me a lot in choosing which is the best path for me.

    Keep up the good work!

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