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Episode 2: Technical Art – It’s art. Technically.

This episode I sit down with Technical Artist Greg Bahm, and we discuss.. well... technical artistry. Topics covered include what technical art actually is, what it takes to be a successful TA, as well as some great advice for those looking to break into this type of work. Computer Science major? Art school? What about portfolio work? We cover it all!

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The opinions shared during Games Industry Mentor are simply the views of individuals who work within the games industry, and in no way represent opinions of the studio or company that may employ those individuals.

Games Industry Mentor or the individuals who share their opinions, do not guarantee successful placement within the video games industry through following the advice heard on the program.

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  1. Hey, I’d just like to say I find these podcasts very, very useful/interesting.

    I’d love to hear an interview with a level designer, or a game designer.

    Keep up the good work! *thumbsup*

  2. Very in depth information discussed here, good stuff! I like the outro music as well hehe.

  3. Thanks for the comments! I will most definitely have a few design centric episodes coming up at some point. Next episode is about “gaining experience”. So we’ll discuss things like mod teams and internships!

    Thanks for listening!

  4. this posdcasts are great

  5. Hey Aaron,

    I was wondering if you could also cover Game Writers and the requirements and suggestions related to that position.

    Thanks, have a great day!


  6. Downloaded both podcasts. Great idea. Working towards getting into level design myself would like to see that covered at some stage.


  7. Hey, great 2nd podcast!
    I feel you could have talked longer and in more-depth for sure, but I’m sure this will happen naturally in future podcasts.
    Keep it up!

  8. Hey Aaron, just wanted to say I really enjoyed the podcasts so far. One of the guys from Polycount ( had posted the link, and I think it will help a lot of up and comers (including myself) I’ll be sure to spread it around.

    Looking forward to more, and thanks again for taking the time to do the podcast :)

    – Jay

  9. Greg is a personal friend of mine and I really enjoyed listening to this very informative podcast 😀

  10. Awesome stuff Aaron! Thanks for everything you do man, it greatly appreciated.

  11. Hey, just discovered the podcast. I like it – it’s got useful information without going on too long.
    Keep it up, Aaron

  12. Thank you very much for this podcast! In Russia it’s kinda tricky to find some good info ’bout gamedev kitchen to get into the theme. Really good podcast!

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