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Episode 21: Making Indie Games

Are you ready to digest the longest GIM episode yet? We discuss the indie game scene and try to pull the curtain back as best we can. Whether you're inexperienced and just setting out to build and sell a game, or you are a seasoned industry professional looking to have more creative freedom and agility, we have you covered! After listening you should be able to formulate a good game plan for yourself.

Our guests this episode are Adam Saltsman of Cannabalt fame and co-founder of Semi Secret Software; Alex Thomas, Artist and Designer previously of BioWare, creator of Dino Boy Adventures; and Jason Rosenstock previously environment artist at BioWare, now co-founder of White Whale Games and creative director for God of Blades.

Special thanks to Brooks Guthrie who provides us with fantastic audio recording and editing.

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  1. I am locked into the dreaded loop of “work for a client, I will make enough money to work on my stuff soon”, for 3 years now. But as a matter of fact, my financial situation won’t get any better anytime soon. So for kids out there: get busy before you get too many responsibilities on your shoulders.

    Thanks for the nice feed, Adam is really amazing.

  2. Great podcast!!! good to have you back in my ear. MORE MORE MORE PLS.

  3. I really appreciate all the effort you put into these podcasts, Aaron. I also want to thank everyone who’s been on the podcast with you, I value all their input immensely.

    I was apart of an indie project for about 2 1/2 years, left the project a few months back due to one of the situations you guys talked about. Huge idea, huge game, dwindling team, going nowhere, etc.

    Eventually I just decided it would be better to work on my portfolio and create exactly what I feel is needed to get my foot in the door.

    I enjoyed every minute of it though, the collaboration between other just as passionate as myself. Learning something new every day. But I think what I got the most out of it was just how much it takes to make a game, not a great game, not even a good game, just a game. It’s a miracle that any get made at all…

    I’ll be waiting till the next episode!

  4. another great episode, most appreciated

  5. Awesome podcast. Very cool that it’s longer than others. Felix +1 – WE WANT MORE =)

  6. Awesome! Glad to see you guys are still making content!

  7. Man where’d you guys go? I’ve listened to all of the podcasts at least 3x. I wouldn’t mind revisiting some of the earlier topics with different people. or anything. just dont leave us hangin!

  8. Fantastic podcast. Even though I am over 6 months late in listening to it, I still find it relevant. I just started getting into game development after watching “Indie Game: The Movie”. The documentary gave me the motivation, and now you are giving me the “know-how” to do some of this stuff. I would love to see/hear more from you!

  9. Very inspiring podcast! Really pumps me up to make my own stuff that I want to make. Its easy to get comfy in a big studio and forget the whole reason you ever got excited about making games.

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