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Episode 20: QA

This episode we dive into the world of QA analysts, or sometimes referred to as "testers". This has been one of the most requested topics. We cover a bunch of great information! Our guests this episode are Drew McGee - QA analyst, and Jordan Koch - associate designer. I've worked extensively with these two guys at BioWare and I am really pleased to have them on.

A special thanks to Brooks Guthrie - audio editor at BioWare for donating his time to make this episode sound fantastic!!

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  1. Hi guys!

    I just want to say that this website and what you guys are doing is exceptionally inspiring for an young artist who’s trying to find his way, keep up the good work! :) I currently study at a 3D film school in Oslo, in little Norway, so it’s so good and helpful to hear about you guys experiences in the business and especially how you started your career.

    Just wanted to say that there are eager listeners over seas 😉 Thanks a lot!

  2. I’d be interested in hearing a GIM about freelance and/or outsourcing studios.

  3. This is very good information, I wish I would have heard this information before my interview at Bioware.

  4. Great suggestion! I have quite a few friends who started out at outsourcing studios. I’ll add the idea to the list. Thanks!

  5. Hello guys, thanks a lot for the help with all of this podcast. I would like to know, if for example, I’m a modeler using Blender, just for modeling, and I use maya for texturing, etc. Is that a problem? I mean, I know blender can’t manage ngons but, if I know how to get rid of triangles, etc, I can’t really use it in the game industry, at least for modeling? is that really bad? Is something that I always have in my head, I really don’t like any other package right now for poly modeling, maybe modo looks much better for me but, is not my case. Thanks for the help.

  6. Amazing stuff, listened to all of these and had given up hope of seeing a new one – thought you may have forgotten about it. Cracking podcasts, would love to hear more stuff about contracting, freelance, environment art and texture artists!

    Love your stuff, keep on rocking!

  7. Great podcast! I have now listened to all the episodes and even though I’m focusing on environment art myself, there’s a lot of great info on all the other episodes as well. It also seems you have a lot of fun recording these, which is one of the reasons I really enjoy listening to them.

    I saw on Twitter that you’re going to make an episode about the indie scene, which sounds really interesting, especially to me since I’m making my own game (with a small team) with Unity myself now.

    Is there any chance you could cover the game industry on a more global scale some time (I’m from Finland myself)? Might be hard to get guests from overseas, but if someone at Bioware has worked in a European game company for example, or you got people moving to US to work on games, also having experience in their own country..? Just a thought :)

    Anyway, really appreciating the effort you’re putting into this. Can’t wait to hear more.

  8. Hi guys,

    Just started my first games QA job in Australia and I am strongly feeling everything that’s been said here… especially about the need to be accurate and meticulous about reporting the bugs you find and being aware of what is happening around you.

    Good interview, highly recommend a listen.

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