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Episode 19: Women in the Industry

This episode I talk with a few of my BioWare Austin coworkers: Lisa Garrison - Senior Project Manager, Toni Phillips - Associate Project Manager, and Jackie Marroquin - Associate Project Manager. We discuss what it's like working and getting a job in an industry dominated primarily by men, as well as provide advice for any female trying to break in.

Special thanks to Patricia for suggesting this topic a long time ago. I always wanted to get to this episode because I feel its important for other women to feel more enabled to be part of this industry. Thanks!

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The opinions shared during Games Industry Mentor are simply the views of individuals who work within the games industry, and in no way represent opinions of the studio or company that may employ those individuals.

Games Industry Mentor or the individuals who share their opinions, do not guarantee successful placement within the video games industry through following the advice heard on the program.

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  1. Thanks so much for doing this! It really made my day! It’s an awesome listen, just like all the others 😀

  2. My coworker came up to me and said, “hey, you’re trying to get into gaming, I bet you’d like this podcast!” I took one look at the title and told him how fed up I was with that subject. My frustration is due to the fact that (aside from marketing and press) I have never been treated badly by the men. I love them like they’re my brothers, and women who DO make a fuss or say “there should be more women in the industry” are not taking into consideration that every PERSON who makes it, made it because they were dedicated and talented. I went on to tell him that I judge women MORE than men who say they want to be game devs, to make sure they’re legit. The counter to that is I usually relate more to the ones who do make it. Towards the end of the podcast, one of the ladies said that exact same thing, almost word for word, and then went on to elaborate my POV verbatum. Fist bump, ladies.

  3. Thanks so much for doing not only this post, but this entire podcast. It’s extremely heartening for me, and also just really, really interesting.

  4. Great listen! Loved hearing women with such different backgrounds share their process and experiences :) Thanks for this!

  5. It would be cool if you could do a follow-up on this, and perhaps use women that have different jobs in the industry; some of them being those girly-girls with pink controllers you guys talked about. Just for some variation : )

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