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When Concept and Environment Artists Jive

I wanted to take some time to pass on a link that might be helpful for those concept and environment artists out there. This week the website for our game ( is featuring a Studio Insider article all about starship creation. It details the general process Ryan Denning and Chris Reeves used to go from starship concept to final built model. Too often concept artists and environment artists neglect to cultivate a symbiotic relationship, and this is a great example of how it's supposed to work.

Overall it's some great insight into what skills might help you edge out the competition as an environment or concept artist. Hit the link below to check it out.

Starship Creation in Star Wars: the Old Republic

Ryan Denning was also a guest on the most recent episode of Games Industry Mentor. Give it a listen to hear his advice on concept art.

Interior spaces rough

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  1. OH god. your still alive! could you do a interveiw on sculpting and or 3d?

  2. Haha, yeah hopefully we can get another podcast up soon. I have one that I am wanting to do. Unfortunately its not about 3D. You might want to check out the character artist episode to see if it answers any questions.

  3. Awesome article as always!

    When will you put up the next installment? Maybe you can offer some tips on where to start for people looking for a jump off point to begin their careers?

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