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Episode 18 – Concept Art

This episode we discuss the ins and outs of getting a job as a concept artist. Our special guests this week are: Paul Adam and Ryan Dening, both Senior Concept Artist at BioWare. Our returning guests are Alex Thomas and Jason Rosenstock.

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  1. Another great interview…I got a lot out of it…much appreciated

  2. very good episode :) and very funny / entertaining to listen to, bit of humor deffinatly made it better to listen to whilst hitting some great points. A+

  3. Hey I started in comp sci too, and also decided it wasn’t for me, cool beans.

  4. Another brilliant podcast, glad your still keeping these up.
    Just wondered if you guys would discuss how to move onto other studios, how to go about it without being awkward and whens the best time to do it generally.

  5. thank you so much for these episodes! very informative, well moderated and funny aswell :)

  6. ULTRA BENCH WARFARE! Great Listen Keep up the good work!

  7. Another great episode. Thanks Aaron!

  8. This is an awesome resource. I’m glad I stumbled upon this, it gives me some things to think about for improving my portfolio and landing that first job. Less pretty illustrations and more orthographic views and props!

  9. I can’t say how happy I am you uploaded a new vid ! I just came to redownload all the podcasts!!
    Thanks a lot for continuing your great work.

  10. I agree a great interview. I love listening to all of these topics. Even if they don’t directly apply to me and my goals I always manage to gain some helpful hints from them.

    Looking forward to the next.

  11. Great podcast. Very informative and just what I was looking for. Thanks!


  12. Add social media buttons!

  13. Thanks a lot! Awesome podcast!

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