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Episode 17: The Job Interview

Hey! We're back and talking about job interviews! Special guests this episode are: Jason Rosenstock - contract environment artist at BioWare, Mike Sheidow - senior environment artist at BioWare, and Alex Thomas - cinematic designer at BioWare. I'm really happy with the quality information this episode provides, so give it a listen!

Apologies for the inconsistent audio quality. In an attempt to make things easy, we did our best using one central microphone, which didn't turn out too hot. Perhaps our future efforts using a central mic will be more successful.

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Games Industry Mentor or the individuals who share their opinions, do not guarantee successful placement within the video games industry through following the advice heard on the program.

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  1. Awesome! I love the show, glad to see it back. Im a poor Uni student about to go on break so hopefully Ill be able to donate some money in the near future when I actually have time to work 😀

    Just wanted to let you know I really appreciate it, keep up the good work 😀

    – Chris

  2. great to hear your voice again.

  3. love the podcasts. very helpfull.

    question: is its plus to mention that you are all self taught? or would it be something to downplay in an interview?


  5. woot woot … are you back … roflmao … my comment with Pedro Toledo work !!!! …. your Blog is awesome … you give us a great help making this podcasts

    Never give up man

  6. Amazing Podcasts, always with great advice.

  7. @Timothee Yeramian

    question: is its plus to mention that you are all self taught? or would it be something to downplay in an interview?

    answer: Probably one of those things that depends or isn’t really a positive or negative, I just got my first internship, So I’m not the most experienced person in the games industry. But I feel it shows that you can teach yourself and you wont need too much help trouble shooting or dealing with issues. I wouldn’t overplay it or gloat about it, though. There’s some good things about school that you could miss out on, like working in a group, helping and being helped by others. And schools often give you a traditional art background that you might not get on your own. Color theory, proportions, perspective, anatomy, and all that basic drawing and painting stuff really helps you as a 3D artist.

  8. this is a really good topic and a great idea – why did you all get stoned beforehand?

  9. Oh awesome, you’re back! …you should let your facebook fans know, haha [just my 2 cents]

  10. Hilarious episode. Entertaining, yet awesome info

  11. Good to see your stilll going with this. It’s great advice and good to hear from people in the biz. Could I suggest an episode? I have found that the hardest thing about getting a job is knowing people in the game industry.

    I’ve heard tons of stories about how someone knew someone and thats how they got their foot in the door. I find it a rare to hear that resume fishing landed someone a job. How do you get noticed if you don’t know anyone? How does a person get into a game company in their own town if there is no IDGA group?

    How about an episode about making connections. But elaborate beyond GDC, IDGA, and websites.

  12. Really intersting and a very fun episode. What I like about the video-game development industry is the people, I love games but I also love being surrounded by other people sharing the same passion as I.

    I hope you can get another episode out there, it would be awesome! :)

  13. Awesome episode! I am really glad you guys are back, and I really appreciate the information shared in this and the previous podcasts. I look forward to more awesomeness! I am little curious now though, if you guys had a gun that could shoot anything, what would it shoot? haha

  14. Thanks a lot for doing this podcast. I was listening again and again all the way from start of doing CG to the end – landing the job. God bless you guys 😀

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