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Episode 16: VFX and UI

Two for one! This episode we talk about both VFX and UI! Our guests this episode - Michael Voigt, Lead Interface Artist at Bioware, and Bryan Erck, Lead FX Artist at BioWare. It can be a bit difficult finding good information about these jobs, so don't miss this one! I should mention that we had some recording difficulties during the first part of the podcast, so I apologize for the strange audio interference.

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  1. Thank you for this. As an FX Artist trying to break in, it’s very hard to find any information about these positions. Even demo reels of working professionals appear to be sparse.

  2. Very interesting, it’s always nice to hear what skills are necessary to get into the industry, whatever the position.

  3. I really enjoyed this episode Aaron. It explained alot about the field( UI Art and Vsfx Effects) I want to get into, answered a lot of my questions, and helped me realize exactly what I wanted to do. I have a lot more work to do on my portfolio now, so I better get started. :) I also enjoyed my nickname very much. Thanks alot! I look forward to the next podcast. Maybe you could cover voice acting in the future?

  4. I sent an email with questions and didn’t hear back from anyone. Also is there any way we can get people other than bioware people on the podcast? Nothing against bioware but I think people need to hear from other people that work at other places because each studio is different and has different perspectives.

  5. This was awesome! Never have I heard so much about this specialized job in the industry and any donations I plan to give are well deserved. Great job 😀

  6. That was a great episode. As an aspiring ui designer it answered many of my questions but I still have plenty more. Mr. Voight are you open to any portfolio critiques? Will either of you guys be at the San Francisco GDC? I am more enthusiastic about breaking in as a ui designer now. thanks

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