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Episode 13: Which studios are right for you?

Which studios are right for you? This episode we focus on answering just that! Our special guests are Christian Sheppard - Animator from Junction Point / Disney Interactive, and Colin Greenhalgh - Environment Artist at Budcat Creations. We cover plenty of important topics including different types of work culture, making an educated assessment of a studio's work culture, relocating, cost of living, and more!

My toddler Mickey did his best to get his voice (more like screams) heard on this episode, so apologies for that. Luckily since Christian is working at Junction Point he knows how to handle Epic Mickey situations.

Ba-dum bum pish! I'll be here all night folks.

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  1. Thanks for another great podcast! I do have a general question about the industry, I see alot of rivalry between artists on websites, most of the time it’s healthy and helps you push those boudaries but sometimes it can be negative and possibly make people enemies. Does this happen within studio’s and if so what are the consequences of over competitiveness?


  2. Great podcast, these always make me feel better, I know that there are lots of junior artists/programmers etc out there looking for their break, I’m one of them and these really help. As you guys said I think it’s important that you go into the work for the right reasons, I hope that I’ll get my break soon too.

    Thanks for a great podcast!

  3. Cool episode. One thing I didn’t hear mentioned in evaluating a studio’s culture is to simply drive by it after hours. See how many cars are in the parking lot and how many lights are on in the office. If a place says they don’t crunch much but the parking lot is full at 9 or 10pm, consider that a potential red flag.

  4. Great suggestion! We forgot about that one!

  5. Great episode thankyou! I’m glad you guys take the time out todo this

  6. I still love this podcast! Thanks <3

  7. One comment on the point of “what game will i be working on” is not always about prestige or that you like the game, but rather its more about job security. Job security is a wonderful thing.

    Other than that, good show :) I wish this was around when i was getting started

  8. Hi Aaron, first, youre doing a great Job on these Podcasts!
    Would you mind doing one on Job Interviews? Like what kind of question they ask you, what you or shouldnt say?
    Would be really awesome :)

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