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Episode 10: Animation

This episode we sit down with a couple great friends of mine: Mark How, Principal Lead Animator at BioWare, and Mookie Weisbrod, Senior Animator at BioWare. These guys are some of the nicest and helpful individuals I know, and I'm sure all you animators will get plenty of awesome info from this one! So far this is one of my favorite episodes, so don't miss it!

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  1. Howdy!

    This is great!!
    We’ve posted this at

  2. Great work!

    Big thanks to Mark How and Mookie Weisbrod for sitting down and providing this information and laughs along the way. Also A Bigger thanks to Aaron for producing this invaluable podcast.

    Personally the part of only the best work in the demo reel, was a huge insight and help. Especially for school works that will need more time to be worked on if its not a 10 after graduation.

    I forward a link to the animation mentor internal forum, to spread the word.

  3. Really interesting! Thanks! Found it on the AM Fourms after being posted by Cory.

  4. Amazing information and sometimes very funny:) Thanks for this part!

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