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Episode 9: Character Art

On this weeks episode, we sit down with two great Senior Character Artists: BioWare's Pedro Toledo and Blizzard's Vitaliy Naymushin, to talk about what it takes to work in this competitive job. Luckily the episode remained peaceful and no Blizzard / BioWare battles ensued, which hopefully proves we only have the utmost respect for each other. Unfortunately Vitaliy's rabid dog was not on board with the anti-aggression pact, and decided to turn on his owner. Don't miss all the action, adventure, and of course, great information.

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  1. Ahh finally catching up with the podcasts, so busy with graduation :X. Just the episode I was waiting for!!! Thank you guys!!

  2. As someone who has recently decided that the games industry is for them, and who’s passion is Character Design… this was absolute gold!

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