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Episode 22: Layoffs

Hey everyone! I'm back after a bit of a hiatus to discus somewhat of a sensitive topic: Layoffs. As some of you may know, I was recently affected by a layoff myself back in June. Initially I wanted to do an episode while in the thick of it, but that never really happened. Shortly after landing at Red 5 Studios a coworker who listens to the podcast, (and an audio professional!) helped me get it going again! So here it is, the episode about Layoffs. Guests this episode are all coworkers of mine at Red 5: World Artist, Zach Turner; Game Designer, Scott Rudi; and Audio Designer, Daniel Beck.

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So I've been neglecting writing this post because frankly, it really bums me out. So I apologize for not keeping everyone in the loop sooner.

I have been running into difficulties completing the podcasts due to a handful of reasons, not the least of those being a broken laptop, a baby on the way, and work. I'm not sure when I will be able to replace my laptop, but that seems to be the biggest hurdle for me right now. So I regret to inform listeners that I will be going into a bit of a hiatus.

I want to make it clear that I always expected this hiatus would come sooner or later once we started running out of developer jobs to talk about, or covered enough topics. I anticipated Games Industry Mentor would simply fall under a type of "standby" status, awaiting enough suggestions for another topic, and update out of date information as the industry matures. Unfortunately all of this is just happening a bit sooner than I would like, as there were a couple more topics I would like to have covered.

Like many of you, I am an avid podcast listener - and nothing frustrates me more than a podcast I love falling into a seldom published schedule, so I apologize for that as well. I hope you realize that it's not due to a lack of interest in the podcast, I have always felt passionate about helping people find advice on how to break into this industry - and that hasn't changed. I eagerly look forward to covering new topics and finding the time and resources to produce more episodes when appropriate. Hopefully that knowledge is some consolation while waiting for episodes, or for your topic to be covered.

Please keep writing in with your suggestions, and thanks for all the support!!

- Aaron

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My “breaking in” story.

Shame on me. I recently had someone mention that I haven't ever shared my own breaking in story! I thought it would be a good idea to share that, which will be heard on the next episode. However, if you would like a more detailed explanation about how I broke in, or would like to read a bit more about environment art in general, head over to Take Initiative, where they recently put up an interview I participated in.


GIM – Now every other week

Hey everyone! A bit of bummer news - I am going to be releasing Games Industry Mentor episodes every other week now (on Tuesdays as usual). I was really hoping I could sustain a "once a week" release schedule, but that is proving to be more difficult than I originally thought. The good news is it should help the overall quality of the episodes, provide more time for editing, and it will be much easier to schedule guests on a fortnight basis.

Also, I can't say "thank you" enough to those who have supported this podcast by donating. I recently ordered an audio mixer and an extra microphone all paid for by the generous donations people provided! Because of the new equipment, I'm in the process of setting up episodes where 3 people can sit down together without recording someone remotely, so that should help things feel a bit more personal. I'm really looking forward to the continued improvements with the podcast - thank you all so much for helping me out with that.


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New publishing schedule

I just wanted to send out a quick update to let everyone know that I will no longer be posting episodes on Friday as I have previously done. The new episodes will now be released each Tuesday.

This change is mainly to help with production flexibility. Right now the window of time is very narrow between the recording sessions I have scheduled and publishing the podcast, so it will help to push it out a bit.

Thanks for listening! Look for episode 7 this Tuesday!

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Lapel Microphones

I ordered a couple lapel microphones off Amazon yesterday! This should help out with the audio levels quite a bit. Best of all, they should be here in time to record our next podcast!

I now have my laptop set up so I can just cart along a little podcast station with me and record an interview at any moment, which is pretty cool since I am doing these podcasts on my lunch breaks.

I think our next episode MIGHT be art related!

Stay tuned!

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Podcast Ideas

Its been only a day since the first podcast went up, but if you have some ideas that would make the podcast better, here is your chance to let us know. Hopefully we will be able to upgrade the recording quality soon (sorry about those low mic levels!), but let us know if you have any other ideas! Just post here in the comments section.

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